For 1 player (offline)

Aim of the game

1. Create 4 piles of cards - one per color - in ascending order (1-13).

2. Every time you place a card with a call-to-action in 1 of the 4 piles, you execute the call-to-action mentioned in that card.

Setting up the game

1. Create 7 columns of cards by putting down one card face-up and lay six cards face-down next to it. Then, put one card face-up on top (but lowered slightly) of the first face-down card, then put a face-down card on top of the other five cards. Continue doing this, so that each pile has one face-up card on top and so that the left pile has one card, the next has two, then three, four, five, six, and finally seven.

2. Put the remaining cards in a separate pile. This pile is where you will go to get more cards if you run out of moves.

3. Leave room at the top for the 4 piles of cards.

How to play

1. The card with number 1 goes first to the 4 piles followed by other cards in an ascending order. If there are no face-up cards with 1, rearrange the cards you have, moving only the face-up cards in a descending way and only when the color is the same. Meaning, if you have a red 6 you can only place a red 5 below it.

2. The card on top of each of the 7 columns is always face-up. If you move a card, remember to turn the card underneath it over.

3. Use the reserve deck if you run out of moves to make. 

4. If you use all the cards in 1 of the 7 columns, you can only place card number 12 in the empty space.

For 2+ players (offline or online through a chatroom)

Aim of the game

1. Get rid of all your cards.

Setting up the game

1. Shuffle all cards except the four multicolored action cards and cut the deck into four equal piles (13 cards). In each of those piles add one multicolored action card and add each pile on top of each other (4 times 14 cards). 

2. The players are each dealt a hand of 5 cards. The rest are placed face down as stack. At the beginning of the game, the topmost card is revealed and placed face-up on the table then the players take it in turns to play their cards.

How to play

1. A card can only be played if it corresponds to the color or value of the face-up card. E.g. if it is red 10, only another red or another 10 can be played. If a player is not able to do this, they draw one card from the stack; If they can play this card, they may do so, otherwise, they keep this card and pass on their turn.

2. Any 7 forces the next player to draw two cards. If the next player has a 7 may play another 7, which makes the next player to draw 4 cards etc.

3. Any 8 forces the next player to miss his turn. 

4. Any 11 can decide a change of color. 

5. The 4 multicolored action cards can be played on any card and can decide to change to any color. 

6. Call-to-action cards only work as a set of 2 cards meaning a blue and green card of the same number, a yellow and red card of the same number etc.

7. The first player after a set of cards is on the playing stack, she/he has to execute the call-to-action.  

8. When there is a set of 2 call-to-action cards,  no other action card can be played on top of it. 

9. You can play the action card as the last card in your hand, but it doesn´t end the game until only one player is left. 

10. When the drawing stack is empty, the playing stack (except for the topmost card) is shuffled and turned over to serve as a new drawing stack.